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One of the main queries we get at Selao Home & Garden Art is about how the products will handle it outdoors.

Yes you can easily protect your lovely artworks and here’s how:

Spray them with a clear gloss product that is specifically made for this purpose.

Here are 5 tips for you:

  1. We have trialled many products over the years and we know that gloss coatings provide better protection than matt coatings.


  1. They do need re-coating every now and then to keep the protective coating on as it will eventually break down over time.


  1. Getting items sprayed at car painters makes them last a lot longer as they use a 2 pack system that mixes together for a more effective and better UV resistant finish.


  1. Regular wiping with a clean damp cloth prolongs the life of the gloss coating.


  1. Applying a glossy coating brings out the colours better and makes the item look even nicer (personal opinion here!)


So, I have added a photo of 2 of our green geckos – 1 unsprayed and 1 sprayed. This was done at the car painters and when hung outside will last for many years. You can see the glossy sheen on the gecko on the right.

I have also posted a photo of 3 aerosol products available at hardware stores. Mitre10 no longer stocks the Dulux range but the Rustoleum 2x is a very good product. Any of these will do the job, but you must follow the instructions on the can.

Like anything you leave outdoors a little bit of care and maintenance will add years to your lovely garden art. TRY IT!

Oh yes – if you have metal art that has already rusted you can make it all better. More on this next time…


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