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Rainy Nelson days and self-seeding plants

Rainy Nelson days – what to do???shop11

Living in Nelson is truly delightful. I often hear it referred to as ‘The Beautiful Nelson’ – I think this would be an excellent catch phrase for this lovely small city. However, as most of you would know, it is mainly referred to as ‘sunny Nelson’. Well….not quite so this past week. Lots of rainy, overcast days….what to do?

We decided it was time for a good clean up and rearrangement of the shop walls. We spent a couple of days taking things down one wall at a time, filling in all the nail holes and repainting where needed. Then came the fun part: re-hanging everything and trying to put in a mix of old and new styles of products.


shop10shop8                  shop9

My shop is really small so it is quite hard to fit everything in and not make it feel cluttered. I personally don’t like going into really cluttered shops. I get overwhelmed! We put up a few of the new carved panels with things like grapevines, bamboo and water lilies. I think they look lovely.



In between the rain I managed to get some of the garden area cleaned up. I cut back loads of plants and pulled out some of the impatiens that are dying off. Did you know that you can leave impatiens in the ground to go to seed and you will always have them popping up in your garden? It’s the same for many plants. I always leave a lettuce and a parsley plant to go to seed and that way I always have seedlings appearing all over the place.

Read more about self-seeding plants here.shop2

Next week I’ll show you some of the neat things we have to brighten up those bare winter gardens. My sister Linda was visiting last week and took a few photos around the place, so here they are:




shop6                                                                    shop5shop3

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