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Incredible Clay Irrigation Pots (ollas) are back in stock!

Olla Irrigation Pots

Ollas – Oh Yeah!

I am pleased to announce that we have fully restocked all sizes of the amazing olla clay irrigation pots.

I have filled all orders on my waiting list so they are back up on the website to purchase.

AND….. see them at the Wellington Home & Garden Show, Westpac Stadium, September 22nd – 24th.

Olla irrigation pots              Olla pots in garden

What is an OLLA?

An OLLA is a clay pot used for irrigation. It is buried in the ground or container neck deep and filled with water to supply water to surrounding plants. The roots will grow towards and around the pot. The process works by soil moisture tension: when the soil is dry, the water is pulled out, when the soil is moist, water stays in the OLLA. OLLA irrigation has been used for thousands of years.

How does an OLLA work?

The OLLAS are made of unglazed, porous clay. When an OLLA is filled with water, the water is pulled out through the wall of the pot, due to Soil Moisture Tension. Roots of the plants help create a suction by absorbing available water, drying out the soil and causing tension in the soil, against the water in the olla, (think dry paper towel and water on a counter). When the soil is dry, water is pulled out of the OLLA, when the soil is moist, the water is not pulled out of the OLLA. This creates a direct supply and demand system. The roots will eventual grow toward and around the OLLA, allowing even and consistent watering. Plants are never over or under watered. If the OLLA is only partially filled, and there is a lot of rain, water will go back into the OLLA by way of gravity, decreasing the splitting of succulent fruits such as tomatoes and melons.

Why do I need an OLLA?

  • Conserving water is a stellar reason to use an OLLA. But, there are many other reasons to use an OLLA:
  • If your water use is restricted.
  • If you want to save time by watering less often.
  • If you container garden.
  • If you have a small area which is difficult to irrigate or gets sun all day.
  • If you cannot water your plants on a regular basis (travel, work, summer home, life gets busy!, etc.)
  • If you don’t like to weed since water in an OLLA doesn’t water topside weed seeds.
  • If you want healthier plants and better vegetable production since water is delivered at the root level.
  • If you are gardening at a school or in a community garden with limited water access.

(information thanks to Dripping Springs ollas)

Once you have used these ollas you will become a BIG fan of them for sure.

Olla irrigation pot

They also make the best gifts in the world! Try putting one in a container and planting it with vege seedlings for a unique and practical gift.

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Buy from our website: Click Here

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