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Garden Art that moves in the wind!

Today it seems as though most of New Zealand is experiencing some wild and windy weather.

It seems a great time to show you some of our amazing metal spinners that create movement in the garden.

Today they are going extremely well; however, they also move more gently on days with a breeze rather than a full-on gale!

This year I bought in some of the tall spinners. These stand around 2 metres and really are a wonderful focal point. We currently have 4 different styles available.

I highly recommend adding something like these to your garden. If you are into DIY then have a go at making your own from old bicycles wheels  Cut up old real estate signs, paint them up, attach them to the spokes with small cable ties and away you go – see one of them in video below.

Have a look at some of them wildly spinning away in my garden today:

Peacock spinner

Rooster spinner


Some of the large spinners + recycled bike wheel spinner





Leaf spinner

Whilst not a wind spinner this funky cow balances on the stake and so it moves around in the wind.

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