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Funky Garden Stakes – Fantails and Froggy fun – making garden stakes today!

So… this week I’m making funky garden stakes – after getting back from my wonderful 2 week holiday to Rarotonga. What a lovely place. I spent a bit of time helping out at Esther Honey Foundation for animal welfare which was a rewarding and interesting experience. Thanks to my dear friend and manager – Jo Taylor-Kupu for hosting me. I am so inspired by those who volunteer to relieve the suffering of all animals. And oh……. those Rarotongan dogs – so ldartsaid-back and gorgeous – plus I somehow managed to win the darts final at the local pub and came home with a medal. What a laugh!

Jo's house



Fantails longshotAnyway – back to work:

Fantails on bamboo 1Today I decided it was time to make some more of my very popular fantail garden stakes. These are created from little hand-carved fantails made by one of our wonderful carvers in Bali. I drill and attach to stakes and then give them some coats of good quality marine grade polyurethane.This makes them hardy and able to withstand the weather. You can use plain bamboo stakes, but remember that you should also coat these with an exterior varnish to make them last longer. You can buy plastic coated bamboo stakes from some outlets. These seem to only come in green. I personally prefer the natural bamboo look.



I also made some stakes with these funky wee frogs – love the colours and their laid back style!?????????????


These simple garden stakes are so lovely and will even sway a bit on windy days. These add interest to any garden, or  even to pots and containers. It’s easy for you to make any number of things into your own cool garden stakes.

Have a go yourself or you can purchase from Selao Home & Garden Art of course.


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